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Wanna sneak a peek of some incredible moments from past weddings?!? Be sure to watch in HD! 




We create timeless pieces that will encapsulate your wedding day. We aim to beautifully capture all the details, surroundings, loved ones, and raw emotion that your months of planning created. 


Getting to Know You:

When we get together we will discuss all the details of your wedding and what your expectations are for the imagery and keepsake albums we are going to create and capture with you. You will have an acute knowledge of our process of shooting, posing, journalistic, and of the album design and creation. Above and beyond the process and products is the personal touch and experience of including us during your milestone as you intertwine your lives. We are going to spend a lot of time together and we know the more comfortable your are, the more you like us, along with your investment of trust, the better your images will be! 

Engagement Photos:

What better way is there to learn about each other than spending a few hours together for Engagement Pictures?!? We get a glimpse of how you interact with each other: will we be doing a journalistic or a more stylized approach...will we be in the city, suburbs, woods, fields, by the lake, by a river...it's your choice and we're excited to be creating these looks with you. These images can be utilized as "Save-The-Date Cards," wedding website galleries, and/or as a guest sign in book. You'll receive a link to download all the full resolution, edited images to use as your please. 

It's All In The Details: 

Planning your wedding is a major task. Between today and your wedding day you are going to make 1,000,000 decisions, all of which will happen in a 24-48hour widow. We strive to be the easy part of your wedding and do so by creating an itinerary with you. Every detail is carefully mapped out so that we maximize our time together from the moment we begin to the moment we leave. If you're working with a planner we happily yield to any input and gladly accept all insights s/he will have. After all, we're all there to make sure you get everything you desire on your wedding day!    

Wedding Day:

The team arrives early and we're ready to begin at the designated start time! Too many ties we've been told stories of how a friend's photographer showed up at the start time but didn't actually start working until much later...you have our word that will never happen. With our meeting details and itinerary in hand we create and capture your wedding. Requests for images? GREAT! Last minute changes to the itinerary the day of (it happens all the time) GREAT! We are very flexible and will be as accommodating as we possibly can.

Beyond The Big Day: 

Everyone wants their images the next day! It's exciting...you just got married! We will post a few pics as quickly as possible! We go thru our images selecting the best of the best for you, your families & friends to enjoy. The best piece of our process, all posted images are edited and ready for print! All editing is done on the front end rather than posting thousands of unedited images fore to then choose which you want edited. A private gallery will be created and sent to the only you, our bride & groom, which you can send, post, and share with everyone!

Album Creation:

Our goal as photographers is to illustrate the story of your wedding day. Our canvas for doing so is your custom created, unique, genuine leather cover album. Once your private galleries have been posted, you will sign in and chose the album images. Once we receive notice that you've chosen the images we setup a time to discuss the layout/design of the album and also get a complete understanding for your desired style. Each album is custom created, we refuse to use online design software as that limits the possibilities and al but guarantees your design to be "cookie cutter." You will receive an online preview of the album which allows you to make comments for us to take into consideration during the next edit. Each bride & groom is given 3 edits of their album before the final version is ordered. The album is delivered once it's received and passed our quality inspection. 

It's So Hard To Say Goodbye:

The months spent together before and after your wedding have created a bond between us that we've found makes it so hard to say goodbye...so we don't! We say, "See You Soon!" We love keeping in touch with you and hearing about your growing families. We also want to be sure you remember our incentives for referring us to your family & friends.     



We are thrilled to travel with you to your destination please call or email for information on requirements and pricing.

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